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Flights and Travel

Flights and Travel

Flights for your International Trip will be handled in one of the following ways. Check with your Trip Leader to learn information specific to your trip.

  • Flights are included in the overall cost.
    Some Trip Leaders work with a travel agent to arrange an all-inclusive cost for travel + in-country costs. This is only possible if everyone is departing from the same airport. In this scenario, funds might be due at an earlier date in order to reserve the appropriate group requirements for the airline.
  • Flights are your responsibility.
    Many Trip Leaders choose to keep airfare and in-country costs separate. This is especially common when trip participants will not be originating from the same departing airport. In this case, it may be your responsibility to find and book your own flight using guidelines provided by your Trip Leader.

If you will be booking your own travel, reservations can be purchased independently or through a travel agent. We recommend travel insurance or a refundable ticket. Always check with your Trip Leader before purchasing your flight.

On your journey, prior to arriving at your destination country, an airline attendant will give you a customs form. You will need to complete these and submit them at Customs and Immigration. You may need to know the address of where you are staying. Your Trip Leader should provide you this information prior to your departure.

You will need to indicate the reason for your visit. Unless otherwise instructed by your Trip Leader, use “tourism” for the reason of your visit when filling out custom forms.

The following travel agency specializes in serving short term trips. Generally, they can secure a lower-priced fare than the commercial agents or the airlines, and they can often find better connections.