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Please check with the Center for Disease Control (CDC Travelers' Health) or your local health department/doctor for the required immunizations for the country(ies) you plan to visit during your trip. It is up to the discretion of you and your doctor to decide whether you should receive these immunizations. Be sure to consult with your personal doctor/family physician for their recommendations.

Because you will not be living like a tourist all the time, you will have a greater potential of being exposed to many things that the average tourist may not encounter. This is why you need to receive the correct immunizations.

When scheduling immunizations, please be aware that -

  • Immunizations are costly and some must be given within specified time frames and in multiple doses.

  • All of the immunizations can have side effects, such as soreness, flu-like symptoms, and general malaise. Consequently, obtain immunizations early in the preparation phase and during a time period when potential side effects will be at a lesser inconvenience should they occur.

  • Travel immunizations may not be covered by your health insurance, and not all family physician offices administer travel immunizations. Immunizations can be obtained at your local health department.