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FCA requires all International Trip participants to purchase short-term international travel medical insurance as outlined below. Short-term policies are a cost effective way to insure your trip and avoid huge financial burdens should illness or injury occur.

This insurance must include coverage for medical AND evacuation/transportation expense for the duration of the trip. The expense for this insurance is the responsibility of each individual participant. Many FCA Trip leaders use the Patriot plan from International Medical Group (IMG), although this is only a recommendation. You may visit (choose “Quote Now> Patriot Travel Medical Insurance”) to purchase this coverage; however, participants are free to research and choose other vendors if they prefer.

Current FCA employees are not required to purchase travel medical insurance coverage if they participate in FCA’s medical insurance plan.

Emergency Medical and Evacuation Insurance is designed to provide short-term travel insurance, supplementing your existing insurance when traveling abroad. Plans typically include sickness and accident medical protection, traveler’s assistance, accidental death and dismemberment, medical evacuation and repatriation of remains.

Please email a copy of your receipt to your Trip Leader when you have purchased your insurance. You will need to make your travel arrangements prior to purchasing your insurance as coverage is based upon the dates of your travel itinerary to and from the country in which the trip is scheduled.

Keep your personal insurance card with you as you travel. It is also helpful to take a copy of the coverage explanation with you, in case you need it while overseas.The insurance company will provide this once you complete your insurance purchase.


Recommended insurance provider:  Patriot plan from International Medical Group (IMG)

Website:     (choose “Quote Now> Patriot Travel Medical Insurance”)