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The primary purposes of FCA International Trips are to serve the Lord, serve one another and reach others with the Gospel, so we ask you not to initiate or pursue a relationship of a romantic nature for the duration of the trip. After the trip is over you may pursue a relationship as you please, but for this short period of time we want you to be able to give yourself wholeheartedly to serving, evangelism and spiritual growth.

Some situations to avoid in this regard are prolonged conversations, private prayer walks or intensive counseling sessions with the opposite sex. Please also be aware of how you behave toward other people so that your actions are not misinterpreted. For instance, a friendly hug may be misunderstood by others on the team. In the case of existing relationships, whether in or outside the team, try to be discreet and sensitive. If doubts, questions or strong feelings arise, speak with your Trip Leader, but please do not discuss your feelings with the person concerned or a fellow team member.

  • Personalities - As we are all aware, people come in different shapes, sizes and temperaments. Some of your team members may be untidy, loud, stubborn, shy, uncooperative, etc. Be patient, tolerant, forgiving, open, honest, kind, gentle, communicative and most of all, loving. Remember we are all in the process of growing. You may be asked to work long hours in less than ideal conditions in the name of serving our Lord. 

  • Have a team attitude – Humbly focus on the team at all times and submit to the team leader, even when it isn’t easy or you do not agree with a decision. Please be on time for all devotions, meetings, and outreaches.

  • Be flexible – Maintain a patient, creative and flexible spirit that can be used by God.

  • Respect the Nationals – It is easy to approach a new culture with the mindset that “we are better.” We ask that you respect, and do not degrade the national workers. Make every effort to value and lift them up. Try to learn from them when possible, regardless of circumstances.