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What are the requirements to apply for a short-term trip?
 Those wanting to join FCA on an international trip should meet these requirements:
 •Be a follower of Jesus Christ for at least one year
 •Have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ
 •Be actively involved in a local church
 •Agree with FCA’s Statement of Faith (link to SOF)
 •Be willing to trust God to provide for your financial needs

If you do not meet all of these requirements or if you have general questions before proceeding, please contact your Trip Leader.

How long does the application process take?
The application process is facilitated by the Trip Leader. Processing times will vary, as will the deadlines associated with your particular trip. Contact the Trip Leader with any questions.

Do I need any training or experience to take a short-term trip? 
There is no standard training, but your Trip Leader may have specific training expectations related to your trip's destination or purpose. FCA International expects all participants to have the attitude of a learner and the heart of a servant. Whether this is your 1st or 50th trip, we believe there is always something new to learn about serving on foreign soil with people from other cultures. Once you arrive at your destination, your Trip Leader and/or Host will provide you with country-specific training based on your particular trip’s activities.

What does the trip cost include?
 The trip cost includes all in-country ministry expenses for your outreach, transportation within the destination country, accommodations, food, and administrative costs. The cost typically DOES NOT include airfare, visas and short-term international medical insurance. Your Trip Leader will be able to give you specifics for your trip.

Can I pay for the trip myself?
 Yes, you can pay for the trip yourself. It is encouraged to invite people into the adventure of your trip by asking them to partner with you in prayer and financially help you meet your goal. See our Building Your Support Team section for more information.

When can I start raising my support?
 You may begin raising your support ONLY AFTER you have been notified by your Trip Leader that you have been accepted for your trip.

How do I know how much money I have in my account for my outreach?
 Your Trip Leader will keep you informed by sending periodic updates. It’s important that you keep a record of the funds you receive from donors as you submit them to the Trip Leader.

Can I pay for my short-term trip online?
 At the discretion of the Trip Leader, donations by debit/credit cards can be completed online at Your Trip Leader will provide specific instructions so that your donors will know how to submit the donation for you. This is not available for all trips.

Do I need a passport for my short-term trip?

If I don’t have a passport how and when should I apply for one?
Immediately! Please see details under “Passports”.

What is a visa and do I need one for my short-term trip?
 Please see details under "Visas".