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What will I be doing?

What Will I be Doing

Every FCA International Trip will be fulfilling some part in the overall mission and vision of FCA to see the world impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes. Trip objectives will be provided to you by your Trip Leader. Objectives might include hosting a sports camp, clinic or coaches training. Be ready to share your personal testimony!

Typical Schedule

This will be determined by the local culture, as well as the vision and personality of your in-country host. You might start early each day or you might not start until noon. You might be finished by dinner, or you might not finish until bed time. Regardless of the schedule, please realize you are there to support the work of the local leadership.

Who will lead my team?

Teams are usually lead by an FCA staff person. Leaders usually have had previous cross-cultural and/or leadership experience in their church, college, or job. Your trip leader will work in partnership with the in-country host, who may be a native in that country, or a long-term worker who is familiar with the culture. These partners live every day in the culture where you are serving for a short time. They have invested much time and many resources into their ministry there. Your trip will support their overall strategy for ministering in that area. Please submit yourself to their leadership. Years of ministry could be permanently damaged by not paying attention to their instructions.

Where will I be living?

Some teams could be housed in churches, which may require sleeping on floors in sleeping bags. Depending on the area, some teams may stay in host homes, hotels or at campsites. Your trip leader will provide you information about the accommodations specific to your destination country.

What if I don’t know the language?

Knowledge of a foreign language is helpful, but it is not required. Translators will be provided for public meetings. Obviously, in-depth personal conversations will be limited without foreign language fluency. In some areas (e.g. Europe) the people (especially the younger ones) are multi-lingual and may know some English. Literature in appropriate languages will be provided for distribution. You may be taught a few phrases as well as Christian songs in the language of the country in which you will be serving. It is always a good idea to know these basic phrases: hello, good-bye, please, and thank you.