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Financial Facts

Financial Facts


Whether you are raising funds through a financial support team or funding the trip personally, here are some things you need to know about the financials for your trip.

Your Trip Leader will provide you with details specific to your trip (trip costs, deadlines, additional in-country costs, etc.). Each FCA International trip is different and will have slightly different cost structures and deadlines. Be sure to ask if you will need to have  cash on hand for your trip.

FCA is a 501(c)(3) organization so donations contributed toward your trip are tax-deductible. Contributions are solicited with the understanding that FCA has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds. Donors will receive a receipt from FCA at the end of the year. Donors should retain this receipt for tax purposes.

All gifts designated for your trip will be used for the costs of the specific international trip for which they were given. If, for any reason, you cancel your trip participation, those funds may not be available for future trips. 

In accordance with IRS requirements, funds given in excess of short-term mission costs cannot be refunded. However, they can be used to reimburse your airline travel costs, visas, and vaccinations when your original receipts are presented with your reimbursement request. Reimbursement will be made up to the total of the cost of these expenses or the remainder of your funds, whichever comes first. Any excess funds will remain in an account to be used for future FCA International purposes as deemed by the Trip Leader.

All donations submitted to FCA for your trip will be assessed the 11% administrative fee.

  • Funds by Check: Make checks payable to FCA or Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Checks should include your trip name in the memo line. If a check is made payable to you and the donor would like a tax-deductible receipt, sign the back of the check and write “Payable to Fellowship of Christian Athletes.” Checks should be mailed to the address provided by your Trip Leader.

  • Funds by Debit/Credit Cards: At the discretion of the Trip Leader, donations by debit/credit cards can be completed online at Your Trip Leader will provide specific instructions so that your donors will know how to submit the donation for you. 

  • Funds by Cash: If you receive contributions in the form of cash, please convert the money to a cashier’s check at a local bank or grocery store before mailing in the funds. A tax receipt will be sent only if it is converted to a check payable to and submitted to FCA, accompanied by the contributor’s information (name and address). In accordance with IRS requirements, all gifts are given to, and must be treated as belonging fully to, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and are subject to its control. The IRS requires that FCA have the power to modify any restriction of designation if, in its sole judgment, such restriction becomes, in effect, unnecessary, incapable of fulfillment or inconsistent with the charitable purposes of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

  • Participants Who Directly Pay Trip Expenses: A participant on an international trip may partially or totally fund trip expenses by making direct payments for airfare, lodging, meals and other expenses. If a trip is sponsored or approved by a charity, the trip is consistent with the tax-exempt purposes of the charity and there is no significant element of personal pleasure, recreation or vacation. Expenses related to the trip are generally deductible as charitable contributions on the taxpayer’s Schedule A. Personal expenses relating to "side-trips" or vacation days included in the trip are generally not deductible.